Grand Haven Beach Bash Protest 2020

Grand Haven Beach Bash 2020

Event to protest the parking lot closure at Grand Haven State Park.

WHEN: SUNDAY, MAY 17th – 12:30 pm – 8:45 pm

WHERE: Grand Haven Beach Park

*** UPDATE *** PARKING: FREE PARKING at 1304 Lake Avenue Grand Haven, MI 49417

Are you ready to sit in your house all summer because GRETCHEN WHITMER said so? I sure as heck am not.

The Gretch Who Stole Easter and Mother’s Day has her eyes set on Memorial Day, possibly even Fourth of July! Are you kidding me the Fourth – the day 56 old coastal elite white dudes signed an important piece of parchment.

Do you think it’s acceptable to close the parking lot at Grand Haven State Park, subsequently kicking out the elderly, disabled and dogs who depend on the lot to people-watch, look at the sunset and chase balls? What did the dogs ever do?

Everyone else can figure out a way to get in because they are smart, they can’t cause they are old, feeble or dogs. One of the last things they love to do other than living healthfully, that was still available during quarantine was RIPPED from them!

if the answer to either of these questions is no, OR if you just want a fun day at the beach, join us!

This family-friendly and power rebuking event will be unlike any protest you have ever attended! You’ll have bigly fun, get the chance to give the finger to COVID-19, endanger more people and expand the need for The Gretch to protect even more people. Dogs however aren’t permitted.

We are also encouraging all fishermen, boaters, and those who just want to parade by the beach in their vehicles to come out as well!

State Representative Steve “The Virus Hammer” Johnson will be speaking as part of a limited program from 3:17 – 3:21 pm SHARP! (This is a beach party, not a Lincoln Day dinner 😉 – we don’t wanna eat and give money)

Free burger or dog for the first 15 people! Snacks, too – like triscuits and flavor blasted goldfish. We are also working on an elephant ear food truck! Cause there is nothing the stupid corona-virus hates more than diabetes!

>>>This event will continue even if deleted by Facebook, that is irrelevant.

We are in discussions with applicable law enforcement agencies to make sure this is a safe event for all! They have been WONDERFUL!

The Wolverine Queen decrees that “persons may engage in expressive activities” as long as they “adhere to social distancing measures.” So bring your kids, masks, credit cards, and AR-15s for some great fun in the water at the beach.